Paula Franklin has recently unpacked her Sevier County, Tennessee website and moved into the village!

Sevier County Tennessee is one of those counties that you say “Gosh dang it!” while trying to find that elusive courthouse record, as their courthouse caught on fire in 1856, and our illustrious ancestors forgot the all important “secure the paper trail”… oh well… what can we do about it now except cry! There are, of course, records outside of the courthouse, such as census and cemetery records, that still exist today…and those records Paula Franklin has taken on the task of placing on her Sevier County Tennessee website.

Like all county websites within the “Genealogy Project” realm (those sites which are part of the GenWeb, AHGP and ALHN organizations) the Sevier County TN site is a labor of love by Paula. The amount of data within it is directly proportional to the amount of data contributed to it by its visitors. The host (Paula) is merely the conduit who gets the information published so that it can help others. If you have data for Sevier County, TN, no matter how small, why don’t you submit it to Paula for inclusion on her site?

Welcome Paula, welcome to the village!