Our Written Guarantee

A written guarantee??? What has come over us?

Do you feel that all the other websites burden you down with rules and regulations while giving you no guarantees back as to how they will conduct themselves in return??? Our team knows that your website is important to you, and we felt it was high time that a free genealogy hosting website provided some guarantees to you, in writing, not just guidelines for usage of the web space by you. If I’ve missed anything here – meaning, if there is something you’ve come up against in prior free hosting relationships, please comment at the bottom of the page and we’ll definitely take a look at a way we could guarantee against doing it.


GenealogyVillage may be sponsored at any point in time by a given entity. When that occurs, the entity will have agreed to pay a set fee which is meant to cover the hosting charge of this server. In return they will receive a blurb on the front page and sidebar of the main Genealogy Village website (the part that begins with www. – not your hosted site) and a mention in our monthly newsletter. All of these mentions will basically be a “thank you” to them for agreeing to give back to the genealogy community by sponsoring Genealogy Village. The default sponsor (when we don’t have any one else is, ta-dah, Access Genealogy).

Ad Policy

We are a smoke ad free environment. We promise that we will NEVER (What is it my mother told me about never saying never???) EVER (does that help any???) require that you place an advertising banner or a header file on your website. The sponsorship section above does NOT include a link or ad from your website.


We make no claims to own, copy, or otherwise alter the display or content of your website. We do BACKUP your website every day, and keep a copy of it for seven days (seven copies) – Seven isn’t long enough and I’ll probably change it to 30 days soon… but until I notify you, it is seven days! In the event that something really really bad happens to the server we will then have a working backup for you. Because the backup does the whole server at once there is no way for us to exclude a specific website, so if you choose to host with us, please understand we do back your site up.


Tired of moving your website from here to there as your present or old host change their rules or shut down? I know I’m tired of chasing all of those links which keep changing from here to there!!! AccessGenealogy has been online since 1999… I own websites which have been online since 1995 (did you even know what the internet was back then???)  This is my job, my passion, and my other love… my God, wife and children are all my first loves… 🙂 Basically what I’m trying to say is I’m here to stay. I’ve even started my plan for my daughter (Meet the Team) to be able to carry this on in the event that something were to happen to me. AccessGenealogy has quietly provided free web space since about the year 2000…