Can’t you smell those marshmallows roasting??? This is where I get to hold your feet to the fire, and burn the fluff right out of them!

Do you ever get to the “guidelines” page only to be faced with a never ending list of requirements??? Doesn’t it just take the wind right out of your sails? The following is our long list of 5 requirements (you can count it on one hand or foot… your choice!) that you must abide by in order to host with us:

  1. The site hosted here must be genealogy related. I know… kind of sounds stupid for me to have to state that… but I can just see somebody trying to take advantage of that free web space!
  2. You may not place ads on your website. However, feel free to sell anything related to genealogy that you’ve written, created, or published! In fact… let us know about it… we might want one!
  3. You must have a visible link to the main page of Genealogy Village  from the main page of your website. Feel free to editorialize that link your own way! NEW!!! We have provided some Genealogy Village images for those who wish to use something more graphical!
  4. You are encouraged (but no requirement) to link to the appropriate pages at  Access Genealogy for your location or topic… awwww… don’t you want to support the team???
  5. You must “register” each “script” with us. A script basically means any javascript, php, cgi, pl, etc. file that runs some sort of program on your website. By registering the script, I can keep up with any potential security risks that may evolve from that script. This keeps the whole village safe!
  6. You absolutely, unequivocally, must have FUN!

ok… I admit… I said 5 requirements… so if you don’t want to have fun, then that’s your own business!