Hillary Clinton made famous an old African proverb when she quoted that it “takes a village to raise a child.” To many genealogists, their family tree is their “child” so to speak. They started it with just a seed, and they’ve nurtured, struggled, loved, and butted heads with it ever since – a lot of the things parents do every day as they raise their children. Rarely, though, do family historians do it completely on their own.

In the modern day world, genealogists use the internet to find and share genealogy information while they conduct their research. In this process they often find themselves on a website in which a passionate researcher has provided free genealogical information or help. These sites are often (but not always) part of a larger project, such as USGenWeb, WorldGenWeb, AHGP, etc. These are avid genealogists who have taken their hobby obsession to the next level.

This website has been created to fill a void in the online genealogy community and provide free webspace to these sites. While there are other options such as Rootsweb, those options often come with restrictions and burdensome requirements. We hope to keep our guidelines to a minimum! We also provide you with a written guarantee on how we’ll conduct ourselves!

Who are we that we can provide such space? Access Genealogy has been a free website (advertising supported) since 1999. We have always been providing anyone who requested free webspace to host their projects, but have always kept it on the lowdown. Over the last few years, webspace and bandwidth has gotten significantly cheaper for larger websites. We are large enough that the costs associated with hosting are much cheaper for us then they would for smaller sites to host by themselves or as a collective. I believe it is time that we leverage our lower costs and give back to the online genealogy  community by filling the need for a safe and free environment for webspace. AccessGenealogy is part of a larger project owned and run by Dennis Partridge, he calls that company Webified Development. And he has assembled a team to help bring Genealogy Village to you. Why don’t you browse over and meet the team?

If you found this page because you are one of those volunteers who have given themselves to the genealogy community, then thank you! If you are in need of webspace for hosting a locality or topical genealogy site then please see our registration form. It’s simple, free, and quite painless!